We use only natural materials for our bags and accessories: nappa, flotar, getsebi, crust, safjana and lacquer. Each of them has its characteristics and requires certain care. And to make it easier to focus on this issue when choosing a new bag or a backpack, we want to provide you some usefull pieces of information.

  • Nappa

    Natural semanaline skin coated with protective paint layer. It is a little slope, but very soft. Natural nappa leather is also known as aniline leather. It is open-pored and imbued with aniline colourants. Aniline leathers are extremely sensitive to dirt and fat, as well as to bleaching out caused by sunlight due to the fact that the leather´s pores are not sealed.  With proper care, nappa can be long-term, practical and used in a daily wardrobe.

  • Saffiano

    It is leather that is not dyed, but coated over, with an opaque resin layer with a cross-hatch textured finish. So, even if the underlying leather is a pale cream color, you don’t see it unless the coating scratches off over time, which it tends to do on the corners that brush against hard surfaces. While Saffiano may have a synthetic-looking finish, it has the advantage of making the bag durable against elements like water, skin contact, and the sun.

  • Flotar


    Top grain leather is not the highest quality of leather grain but it is second best. This type of leather grain features separation of the split layer. This causes the leather to be thinner in comparison to full grain leather. The hide surface was buffed or sanded for this type of leather and a coating layer was applied. Top grain leather is made to be durable and stain resistant but it is not very breathable. This type of leather grain is not made for the most expensive choices of leather goods due to the fact that it is thinner and has been sanded and coated.

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