Stylish belts are integral parts of the women’s and men’s wardrobe. They perform not only practical functions, but are also used as meaningful, decorative accessories. A properly selected belt will advantageously emphasize the waist, give the image new shades and demonstrate the refined taste of its owner.
Wide belts of dense fabrics or leather with simple buckles combined with tight clothes will accentuate the figure and make it visually slimmer.
Thin women’s belts will give the ensemble airiness and lightness. Such an accessory harmoniously looks with loose and slightly elongated blouses, creates an original image with simple tunics, dresses.
Belts decorated with rivets, shining rhinestones, stones, classic eyelets, original buckles, golden accessories, look spectacularly against the backdrop of laconic clothes. All kinds of prints, such as imitation leather of reptiles, leather patterns and stamping, artistic perforation, varnish covering, wicker pieces are also used as decorations. They will profitably decorate and revive the outfit and emphasize the unique style.


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